Silent Hill - The Alluring Nightmare
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SILENT HILL PLAY NOVEL - (Nintendo Gameboy Advanced)
A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game, you begin as Harry with the same concept; to find his daughter Cheryl. However, if you think this is a miniature version of the Silent Hill game, you're in for a surprise. This is nothing like it.
Popular in Japan, this game is basically a graphic novel that you READ and are given a few choices before moving forward. You get different endings dependant upon which choices you make. Every once in a while, you are faced with some all new puzzles. On the plus side, Game Boy Advanced means the graphics are better and there are several all-new endings to experience! How's this for a bonus- complete the game with any ending and you can play again as Cybil!
Here's the catch, folks - it's only available in Japan. Better start taking those Japanese lessons now, because it doesn't come in an English version! You won't find this game in the States.

If you complete the game once (with any of the endings) you have the option of playing Cybil! You get to play the entire game as our femme fatale...just what I wanted to try.
With Cybil comes all new ending choices, as well, including a cat fight with Alessa! It also shows you what happens when she and Harry separate. In one memorable ending, shown below, Cybil witnesses her own funeral.


For screenshots of the PlayNovel, check out "I Can Hear the Sirens Singing." I highly recommend the site and the webmaster is very generous about sharing pictures.